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Kelly Swallows Board President

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Tracy Plant ~ Executive Director
Haylee Espinoza ~ Family Advocate

Abbey King ~ Forensic Interviewer

Melinda Morris - Therapist

​Christy Slayton - Family Advocate

Julie Cook - Accounting


Helping victims become children again. That is why we are here.

Our mission is to serve children who are victims of drug endangerment, physical and sexual abuse through prevention, education and intervention. 

The Upper Cumberland Child Advocacy Center has served over 7,000 child victims since opening our doors in 2004. We received our National Children’s Alliance Accreditation in August 2010. We have provided approximately 340 forensic interviews yearly for children who have been victims of abuse. Approximately 100 medical exams have been provided each year for children who have been victims of sexual assault. The UCCAC has provided approximately 350 counseling sessions each year and gave case management on over 300 cases each year. The UCCAC provides services to child victims of abuse and their non-offending caregivers.

We serve the seven counties of the 13th Judicial District:  Clay County, Cumberland County, DeKalb County, Overton County, Pickett County, Putnam County, and White County. The UCCAC serves the LARGEST district in the entire state of Tennessee. 

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